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I am so pleased that The Greenhouse, Kingsport is becoming so popular. I appreciate each and every photographer who rents from me. I will change the decorations in the greenhouse according to seasons, so keep a watch on this page or join the Facebook group for updates.

We are ready for Spring!

The greenhouse will be decorated like this until August. For promotional photos click here.

01 / 07


Full sun Middle of the Day


This photo was taken in full sun in the middle of the day. This is before I had the curtains to help diffuse the light.


Little darker

This photo was taken at sunset. Note the sun comes into the front of the building, facing your clients, unless you move things around, which is perfectly fine for you to do. You can also use the curtains to diffuse the light.

Rainy Day


These photos were taken in the pouring rain in the middle of the day. I love rainy day photos in the Greenhouse, they just give a different feel.


Even Light

This was taken at 8 am in April. The sun is coming in from behind the greenhouse and probably closer to 9-9:30 would be a little warmer glow. The windows are also very foggy from being closed up all night. I really like the feel of this one.



Pretty dark, I suggest a flash, but this photo was done without a flash, so if you are uncomfortable with flash it can be done without it.

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