Hilton Head Island

Sonesta Resort

Just give me an excuse to travel to the beach! I absolutely love the calming feel of the beach at sunrise. I love watching joggers, dog walkers, and treasure hunters. Then you have people like me. I go to the beach to watch the sunrise and be alone with God and His creation. I love the salty smell in the air, the coolness before the sun heats up the sand, the beautiful light of the sunrise, and most importantly the quiet of the world and the sound of the crashing waves.

These photos were taken on our last trip to the beach. We stayed at a wonderful resort in Hilton Head Island, SC, Sonesta Resort. This was a very special family trip. I will be starting chemotherapy soon and this was our last trip as a family before that journey begins. I'm so grateful to the wonderful people at the resort that made our trip so enjoyable.

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